Why should I install siding on my house, or repair it?

It adds value to your home, boosts your curb appeal, and improves your home's insulation!

When should I repair my roof?

A couple of ways to know when you need a new roof or roof repair is when you can see the outside light through your attic, find brown stains on interior ceilings, or you noticed missing or cracked shingles. Having a healthy roof is essential to you and your family's safety!

What kind of decks does E & S Construction install?

The experienced crew at E & S Construction can build a wood, vinyl or plywood deck at your home in Emlenton, PA and Butler, PA, as well as surrounding areas! Call us today to schedule an appointment at 814-246-4900

Do you offer any discounts or free estimates?

We pride ourselves on having affordable prices for our customers. Our crew works hard to keep our costs low, and we pass along the savings to you. We also provide free estimates!